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Network Design

In all modern buildings a secure and reliable network is fundamental to the successful business activities of the owner, operator or tenant alike. 


Salt-TS understands that the network design needs to be developed to meet brand, local and international standards whilst satisfying the operational requirements of the end user. 


Salt-TS works with Architectural, MEP and Interior design teams to develop the building server rooms, technical spaces, fibre and copper backbone, horizontal structured cabling and active networking equipment to support the building and business operational applications.


Accurate implementation of the design is fundamental during the build and installation stages. Salt-TS offers full post-contract site supervision services in order to ensure that our clients are delivered a manageable, effective and efficient end product.

System Design

Audiovisual systems nowadays form an integral part of communication and networking systems. Our audiovisual consultants are constantly the new developments in the industry to provide our Clients with different ideas and solutions for audio, video and AV networking systems.


Salt-TS has developed a specialized international team to provide detailed and construction level design packages, including specialized audio design (with the use of specialized software such as EASE, or CATT), advanced control systems, or any other AV requirement.


Examples are:

  • Demanding Audio systems design including 80,000 seats’ stadiums, Mosques, 2000 seats’ theaters - Operas, multi-purpose halls.

  • Audiovisual systems and full control design for 5*, luxury hotels of any size.

  • Audiovisual systems and control design for control rooms, and broadcast studios.

  • Large video wall design for any application.

  • Clubs, V.I.P. restaurants’ AV design.


Noise & Vibration Control Design

The Salt-TS Acoustic team provides detailed planning advice for Architects, Interior Designers and MEP Consultants to ensure our clients spaces meet all Clients expectations. 

Fundamentally, spaces should meet the Green building regulations which are in line with International Standards requiring Acoustics and noise control to be part of construction standards for all new buildings. This is expected to gradually apply to all Middle East countries. 


Salt-TS provides Acoustics, noise and vibration control design for all types of buildings, including Hotels, Schools, Theaters, Opera Houses, Multi-purpose halls, residences. 

Salt-TS can also provide environmental noise assessment and measurements using tools required as per ISO 140 standards, including Class I noise measurement tools as per IEC 61672-1, calibrators, Class 1 as per IEC 61260 vibration measurement tools including accelerometers, as well as acoustics and noise control modeling software, such as DATAKOUSTIK BASTIAN, EASE e.t.c.


Security System Design

Collaborating with all relevant stakeholders including Owners, Operators, Municipalities and Architects' design teams is vital for establishing a comprehensive security strategy and infrastructure to protect people and assets in built environments. This process involves blending design principles like Crime Prevention Through Design (CPTD) with Electronic and Physical Security measures and visual deterrents to achieve a secure environment whilst minimizing the intrusive presence of security.

Where needed comprehensive threat and risk analyses will guide design requirements, adding a systematic and informed dimension to our process.
Salt-TS will closely engage with stakeholders to create a tailored security strategy and systems aligned with owner needs and local regulations.
The process will establish the localized physical and electronic security systems like CCTV, Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM), effective two-way radio systems, Panic/duress, intrusion detection, and other specific required systems to be deployed within the development.

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